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YES The Answer To “Feel Better” Naturally XO

“FEEL BETTER” CBD BODY BUTTER  “Feel Better” CBD (Cannabidiol) blend is a must have for every home!   Feeling achy all over? Does your body feel tight and tense?  Tired of feeling groggy from over the counter painkillers, then this blend is for you. The Feel Better cream was developed to ease pain and soreness caused by activity, … Read more

BUSTED! 5 Biggest Skincare Myths Of All Time

There are certain universally known facts about skincare that we’ve all accepted and adopted without so much as a question. And many of us actually swear by them because why not, right? If they are universal facts they ought to be true… but are they really true? Or are they just some historically-rooted, misguided claims. … Read more

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