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Why Shea Butter

The Incredible Journey of a Shea Butter Skeptic Becoming a Passionate Supporter!

The Incredible Journey of a Shea Butter Skeptic Becoming a Passionate Supporter!

Meet Marketa, who, for years, overlooked Shea butter’s skin-nourishing qualities due to one simple reason – its challenging application process. However, everything changed few years ago when she suffered from a persistent post-swim rash that resisted all natural remedies. Marketa decided to give Shea butter another chance, and to her surprise, her skin healed within days. This prompted her to create her very own Shea body butter blend, blending Shea butter with coconut oil to avoid the hassle of rubbing in raw, chunky Shea butter. To address the nutty smell that she wasn’t fond of, she also added Vanilla oil to her blend. As Marketa used her creation daily, she experienced the remarkable benefits of Shea butter firsthand, leaving her with well-hydrated, healthy, and visibly radiant skin. In her own words, “knowledge means nothing until you experience it.”

Now a passionate advocate for Shea butter, Marketa eagerly recommended it to her friends and family, only to realize that Shea butter was not a popular choice, even among those aware of its healing effects. She identified four reasons for this: 1) the difficulty in application, 2) the prevalence of diluted Shea butter products in the market, often mixed with inexpensive oils, 3) the lack of variety in available blends, and 4) the widespread dislike for the nutty scent.

Driven by her mission to bridge this gap between market availability and people’s desires, Marketa dedicated herself to extensive research over the next two years, aiming to formulate a blend with the highest concentration of Shea butter. Her in-depth knowledge of essential oils, acquired through guidance from renowned holistic medicine expert, Late Prof. Paul Henderson, proved invaluable in her research. Marketa discovered that many homemade blends infused with essential oils lacked proper warnings or contained dangerous quantities. For instance, she encountered one Shea butter blend infused with essential oils that failed to disclose the potential harm during pregnancy, and another blend with excessively high levels of tea-tree oil.

Fast forward to the present day: after numerous experiments and continuous feedback, Marketa has perfected her blends, ensuring the ideal ingredient ratios, healing capabilities, and texture.

However, Marketa’s journey did not stop there. She realized that a perfect blend is one that caters to individual skincare needs and personal preferences. Recognizing that everyone has different requirements and tastes, Marketa believes that people should have the freedom to customize their body butter. Some may prefer specific fragrances, while others may wish to exclude particular ingredients. Some might even require additional components for specific skin conditions. Consequently, Marketa decided not only to offer pre-made Shea body butter blends but also to provide customers with the option to tailor their own blends according to their preferences and unique skincare needs.

Witness the remarkable transformation of a former Shea butter skeptic into an unwavering supporter. Join Marketa on her Shea Butter journey and experience the remarkable benefits for yourself!

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