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Skin Miracles It’ll Perform…

Immediate Effects:

– Makes your skin soft and smooth
– Moisturizes the driest of skins
– Keeps skin hydrated for long durations by locking-in moisture
– Instantly soothes cracked and chapped skin
– Provides quick relief from sunburns, rashes, itchiness and redness
– Relieves eczema and dermatitis-affected skin

Long Term Effects:

– Age-defying properties help retain skin’s natural firmness and elasticity and slow down the signs of premature ageing, especially the formation of fine lines on the back of the hand
– Keeps skin healthy, harmonized and youthful

Perfecting the Skin Superfood…

Shea Butter is recognized as a skin superfood, and we’ve taken this marvelous ingredient to the next level. How? By crafting our blends with a significantly higher concentration of shea butter compared to other products, which often contain much less. Our formula ensures you get more of this skin-nourishing superfood in every application.
One Better is richly blended with Shea Butter, complemented by other skin-nourishing emollients such as Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil, and Avocado Oil. We commit to using only the ingredients listed and nothing else.For a detailed breakdown of all ingredients, please refer to the ‘Ingredients’ section of this page.

The SBXO Promise of Purity…

All our blends are made from unrefined, organic Shea Butter that is ethically sourced from Ghana and is whipped into the perfect blend with other plant-based organic ingredients in Toronto in a facility that is highly pet-friendly which means there is definitely NO ANIMAL TESTING.
Living up to our Absolute Transparency work ethic, we follow one simple principle: If it isn’t on the label, it isn’t in the blend.” So you know you are getting what you see- a clean and non-toxic skincare solution.
Our blends contain NO Sulfates, NO Parabens, NO Phthalates, NO Mineral Oil, NO Petrolatum and NO other toxins or synthetic ingredients of any kind.
NOTE: While all our blends are made from organic, unrefined Shea Butter, White Knight is an exception. Though just as clean and non-toxic as our other blends, White Knight uses refined Shea Butter to accommodate the needs of those who do not appreciate the nutty smell of Shea Butter.
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